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Exquisite Family Mortuary offers compassionate, professional, yet affordable funeral services and cremation services to all of southern California. 


Whether you are planning ahead or have an immediate need, we provide the services needed with our low-cost plans. 


Whether you are thinking about cremation, or want to create a  pre-defined funeral plan or cremation plan, we are here to help. We believe the end of life should be as natural as the beginning of life. We are here to help you celebrate that life.

"If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them." —James O’Barr
Funerals & Memorials


Whether your family is secular, religious, spiritual or interfaith, or if you simply wish to express yourself in a manner of your own, our counselors can help you create a meaningful, memorable and fitting end-of-life tribute.


We can serve at a funeral service, memorial service, beginning or conclusion of visitation, graveside service, anniversary tribute, tree planting, bench dedication or any other gathering designed to honor your loved one.


Cremation is an excellent choice. We will guide you through all the processes that are in involved in cremation services.


Burial or Cremation

Coffins and Caskets

Ashes and Urns

Cremation Services & Cost


More than 60% of people are now choosing cremation, even for Veterans. Our process makes it easy. You can complete the paperwork all online with a computer, tablet or smart phone in minutes!


When facing the death of a loved one, the high cost of a funeral can devastate a family. Funerals are too expensive. More families are choosing a cremation with an Urn at a memorial service as an alternative to a funeral because they can Save 70% off the cost of a traditional funeral.


We understand that you want a simple, non-intrusive cremation process, without confusing options, at a low price.



Exquisite works with a reputable print company that takes the time to prepare quality funeral programs that leaves a lasting representation of your loved one. 

Print services are provided online only, however, your counselor can assist you in getting your program content completed. 




Planning Ahead? Get Prepared now with all the paperwork and then fax only one page to us when the death occurs. We are here to help in your time of need with low cost cremation services.  If you are working with hospice care, you can begin the process now and return later.

Our General Price List is available upon request.

Call or visit our funeral home for more information.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for packages offered and other pricing information.


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