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Step 1. Choose a Cremation Plan

Step 2. Complete the online form

Step 3. Download and complete Arrangement Forms

Step 4. Choose an urn from the "Shop Urns" store (optional)

Step 5. Await an arrangement counselor to contact you





Our Cremation Plans


Plan A – Direct Cremation *$695

Plan B – Cremation with Memorial Service *$1595

Plan C – Simple Viewing/Wake with a Cremation to follow *$1795 (contact office to arrange)

Plan D – Traditional Service/Funeral Mass with a Cremation to follow *$2495 (contact office to arrange)


Our Plans Include many items that are charged as Extras by other Providers. Carefully review what is included when you compare theirs to our LOW COST cremation plans. YOU CONTROL ALL THE COSTS, and choose only the options you need during our Easy online step by step process  - no sales pressure. 




PLAN A - Direct Cremation $695* includes:
  • Our direct cremation process in a licensed and inspected crematory.

  •  Transportation within our service area (30 miles).

  •  Processing and filing of death certificate and permit

  •  Legal documents with County and State.

  •  Coordinating with medical examiner or coroner (if required).

  •  Submit vital information & obtain signature on the death certificate.

  •  Care of remains in climatically controlled environment (48 hours)

  •  Basic Utility Urn suitable for burial or shipping.

  • A cremation container made of approved material, in which the body is placed for cremation.

  • Arrangements handled in a timely manner.  Cremated remains are available within 5 to 7 business days after permit filing.

  • A phone conference with an experienced counselor.


PLAN B – Cremation with Memorial Service $1595* includes:
  • Everything in Plan A, plus

  • Staff and facility for memorial service 

  • Memorial Set-up (includes: rental urn, urn floral arrangement, candles, and one picture displayed (blown up 24x36)


PLAN C – Viewing/Wake with Cremation to follow $1895* includes:
  • Everything in Plan A, plus

  • Embalming

  • Rental Casket

  • Dressing & Casketing

  • Staff and facility for Viewing/Wake (3 hours in our Chapel)


PLAN D – Traditional Service/Funeral Mass to follow $2495* includes:
  • Everything in Plans A & C, plus

  • Hearse 

  • Staff and facility for service the day after the viewing (2 hours maximum in our Chapel/Facility)

Basic Plastic Urn

Temporary urn included Free with selected package


Direct Cremation




Service with Cremation to follow




Cremation with Memorial Service 




Viewing/Wake with Cremation to follow



*Additional costs that may apply for special circumstances:

  • Price is for at-need, online consumers only

  • Certified copies of death certificate (for property and bank account releases) are $21 each (County fees).  See our helpful guide: How Many Certified Copies Do I Need?

  • A basic urn (plastic temporary urn) is provided. Add Brass Urn for additional $300. A different Urn, jewelry, or other containers are available.

  • If the deceased has a pacemaker, it must be removed and additional costs apply.

  • If the deceased is over 250 lbs, additional handling costs apply.

  • If the deceased is located outside our service area (30 miles), additional transportation costs apply.


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